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Heart, Charisma, & Extraordinary God Given Talent

“When fate, serendipitous timing and a jar of moonshine combine – expect the extraordinary….expect the unexpected…”

– Dan Swinimer, Manicdown Music Inc

When Jojo Mason walked in to a Christmas party on December 21st 2013 clutching a jar of that Ole’ Smokey Moonshine, he could not have predicted how a strange combination of events would change the course of his life forever.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan February 26, 1990, Jojo spent most of his early years like many true Canadian kids – playing hockey on ice rinks and frozen lakes. With the opportunity of a successful career in the sport, he relocated to Victoria, BC in 2004 to play at the junior ranks. But this pursuit suddenly came to a screeching halt after suffering a herniated disk. This injury was devastating to his future in hockey and drove him down an unknown road without a destination – until now.

As the story goes – that fated jar of moonshine resolved a debate Dan had had with a co-writer earlier that day:

“During my writing session I wanted to use the line ‘drinking moonshine out of a jar’ because growing up in a small town, that’s exactly what we used to do. My co-writer had never heard of this and we debated this line for some time – we never did settle on it. Later that night at a Christmas party, in walks some guy named Jojo and to my delight, he was toting a mason jar of moonshine. This was an immediate talking point for us and the rest is history.

Some say everything happens for a reason and some believe in fate. Whatever the case, Jojo’s irresistible personality and obvious star quality caught Dan’s attention and as the night wore on and the drinks continued to flow, Jojo expressed an interest in singing.

“At first I just passed it off as booze talk. Jojo had absolutely zero experience as a singer. In fact – until that moment he had never even aspired to be a singer. When I asked Jojo if he could sing, he uttered his now legendary response ‘I’m not the worst – I sing in the shower’. The more I talked to him and experienced his infectious, magnetic personality, the more I felt it worth my time to see if this guy could actually sing.”

And sing he could. It’s been a busy 2 and a half years since Jojo started his work with Dan and Manicdown Music. He released his first single “It’s All Good” on June 21st / 2015 and it’s been a wild ride ever since.  “It’s All Good” was the #1 most added song at radio in it’s first and third weeks of release, an accomplishment that has never before been achieved by an independent artist’s debut single in Canadian Radio history. “It’s All Good” had a surreal run – reaching the top 10 on both Mediabase and BDS charts. Jojo’s 2nd single titled “Good Kinda Love”, was released in early November / 2015 and also hit the ground running. It was the #1 most added song it’s first week, debuted at #42 on the charts and eventually became Jojo’s 2nd Top – 10 hit. 

Jojo’s current single, “Red Dress” has been blasting up the charts since it’s release. It’s already in the Top – 25 at Country Radio and has consistently been among the fastest rising songs in the genre.

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Jojo’s music is about having fun, appreciating life and sharing stories. It is passionately country, but with no fear of a deep groove, fresh lyric or original melody. He will charm you with his personality, wow you with his beat boxing, earn your respect with his work ethic, inspire you with his character and compassion, elicit a smile with his message but most importantly, Jojo will sweep you off your feet with his voice. From a moonshine slinging, shower singing prairie boy to Canada’s next country music sensation –  Jojo Mason.

“What I love about Jojo is that he’s pure, raw talent. I love his voice, his story, plus he’s got this magnetism about him that draws you in. Great dude – through and through!”

– Tim Hicks

“Jojo has got heart and charisma but most of all, he has extraordinary God given talent. I can’t wait to buy his album!”

– Madeline Merlo

“I believe strongly in my heart that Jojo is exactly what country music needs. With his honesty, integrity, originality, and that bigger than life personality and undeniable soulful voice of his, it’s just a matter of time before he’s heard on the world stage.”

– Rod Black