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The Man Behind the Music, Dan Swinimer

Manicdown Productions was founded by Canadian writer / producer / engineer / multi-instrumentalist Dan Swinimer in 2010. “Manicdown” was in fact the title of the first song Swinimer wrote after relocating to Vancouver from Toronto in November of 1994.

“I arrived in Vancouver and didn’t see the sun or mountains for the first 11 days because of the over-cast and rain. I was struck by how much this dreary reality affected people – including myself and was inspired to write about it. This song became somewhat of a landmark early in my career, representing a considerable step up in the calibre of songs I was creating. Over time, it became a symbol to me of reaching new heights as a writer and also, because it was born from the depressed state the constant rain had left me in, the power of finding the positives in any situation. When it came time to start my own company it just seemed to fit the spirit of what I wanted to do.”

For Dan Swinimer, the key to a successful musical collaboration of any kind is mutual respect. “First of all, respect everyone,” he says. “Unless they give you a reason not to, why wouldn’t you? Secondly, the power you give artists, writers or young producers when you give them confidence and a reason to carry on, is unbelievable.”

The Victoria, B.C.-based songwriter, producer and owner of Manicdown Productions has plenty of experience that supports that approach; writing, producing and touring with bands including 99.3 The Fox’s Vancouver Seeds contest winners Superbeing and Beyond the Fall as well as Todd Kerns, before ultimately joining the band Jet Black Stare (JBS) in 2007. … Read more in the SOCAN Article.




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